Winning Roulette Strategies

The Shower Strategy
Throughout the ages people have always tried to come up with winning roulette strategies. Here are just two of them.
The Shower Roulette Strategy promises high payouts, but is quite complicated. An easy explanation follows.
Keep an eye on four different tables. Take a note of all the different numbers that win. Do this for 60 spins at each table.

After seeing the lucky numbers at each table you choose a table and start betting. Choose a table where four of your numbers have been repeated. Bet on the four numbers you have collected during your time of observation.
Your bet should be exactly 100% less than your bankroll. That means that if you plan to wager $2 you should have a bankroll of $200 as well as a $200 backup. You then wager on the same number for 30 spins. Once you have doubled your bankroll you may increase your betting amount.

A Patient Roulette Strategy
Armed with patience, this strategy will keep you entertained for a long time and will bring you great winnings.
You’ll need a bankroll of $506. It may be lower, but the lower your bankroll, the less losing spins you’ll be able to carry. Choose a number and start betting.

Begin with a $2 bet and hold it for 27 spins.
Increase your betting amount to $3 for another 10 spins.
Bet $4 for 8 spins.

Increase again to $5 for 6 go’s.
Wager $6 for another 6 spins.
Now for the sixth step. Bet $7 for 4 spins.
Bet $8 for 4 spins.
Bet $9 for 4 spins.
Bet $10 for 3 turns.
Bet $11 for 3 spins.
Wager $12 for 3 spins.
Bet $13 for 3 spins.
Bet $14 for 2 spins.
Bet $15 for 2 turns.
Wager $16 for 2 spins.

Should your chosen number win before the end of the cycle, you need to choose another number and start the betting sequence again.

This strategy is simple to employ and allows you to hold up to 88 unlucky spins. It also has the potential to make you $50 an hour. Research has shown that any chosen number usually comes out before 50 spins.
You can test both these roulette strategy absolutely free in an online casino (with virtual money balance) and you will see how effective and profitable they can be.
As always, remember that roulette is a game of chance and no strategy can guarantee 100% winning system. Read more at 먹튀검증사이트

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